Dragon Age Ocularum Skull and Crow Pin PRE-ORDER

Dragon Age Ocularum Skull and Crow Pin PRE-ORDER

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A silver-plated hard enamel pin with glitter accents that is 2" tall, this pin features the Ocularum skull and the Crow symbol that permeates the series. 

Crows represent transformation, destiny, and change. With their watchful ways, they have intuitive foresight.  Crows are seen and referred throughout the series in many places but most curious to me is Dirthamen, the elven god of secrets, who rides a large black crow. 

These crows show up at key points and are easy to miss. If you are watchful, you may see them. 

This pin went into production June 2021 and is expected to be shipping to you in August 2021. Pre-Ordering pins allows you to ensure that you will collect your favorites, and at a discounted price! All orders containing Pre-Orders will ship when the Pre-Ordered pins arrive.