Space Companion Paramour Pins **PRE-ORDER**

Space Companion Paramour Pins **PRE-ORDER**

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These pins are available for Pre-Order through this site and through Kickstarter beginning April 30, 2021. 

Pre-Order and Kickstarter pins are available at a discount compared to regular retail price. When a minimum of twenty five (25) pins have been Pre-Ordered on my website for an individual design, the pin will be *Unlocked,* even if it is out of order on the campaign map. Fulfilling Pre-Orders on my site will unlock those same designs on Kickstarter, and Unlocking designs there will fulfill the requirements for Pre-Orders here. If your design of choice is not funded either here or there by the end of Pre-Orders, you will be refunded for that pin if it does not move forward to production in a timely manner. Pre-Orders will continue for a few weeks post-Campaign.

Please note that the designs will say *Locked* or *Unlocked* depending on whether or not the pre-order or Kickstarter requirement has been met. This means that if your design choice is *Unlocked,* it has reached the minimum funding and will be moving forward to production once the Campaign and Pre-Orders are complete.

Each pin is 3" tall, hard enamel, double posted, and with a backstamp.

Current pricing reflects Early Bird pricing available on Kickstarter. This pricing window will end when the Kickstarter early bird window closes. 

Wrex: Black Nickel Plating
Tali: Gold Plating
Liara: Silver Nickel Plating
Garrus: Black Nickel Plating
Kaidan: Silver Nickel Plating
Ashley: Gold Plating